The "Energiewende"

... requires constantly new and increasingly complex rules and regulations, especially for the electricity market, but also for the heat  and transport sectors.

Stakeholder need to know the relevant parameters and need to have a clear understanding of their interactions in order to make resilient decisions, which guarantee a safe, secure and economic energy supply. 

At precisely this point, the arrhenius Institute for Energy and Climate Policy offers independent expertise for decision makers in politics, enterprises and administrations: scientifically sound and understandable. 



Our Areas of Competence

We recognize new developments at the earliest possible moment and analyse their consequences for your enenterprise, your assets or your strategies. Thereby, we focus on:

  • Analysis of business models
  • Modelling of energy systems
  • Systems analysis on the interaction of renewable energies
  • Design of energy markets
  • Regional energy and climate protection concepts

Recent Work

Energy Economic Assessment of the Energy Region Trier

– with special respect to the regional storage of electricity from renewable energy sources