Svante Arrhenius

Svante August Arrhenius
(* February, 19  1859 at Vik near Uppsala; †  October, 2 1927 in Stockholm) was a Swedish physicist and chemist.

He was a multi-talented scientist who conducted research on different topics such as physical chemistry, geophysics, physiology and cosmology. His most outstanding achievement is the explanation of the conductivities of electrolytes, for which he received the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1903.

Arrhenius also worked on athmospherical and meterological topics like polar lights, thunderstorms and climate variations. As early as 1895, he was first to recognize the relevance of carbon dioxide for the global climate.

(Source: wikipedia)

arrhenius consult gmbh

In 2005, Helmuth Groscurth and Sven Bode founded the "arrhenius consult gmbh", which runs today's arrhenius Institute for Energy and Climate Policy.